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How to Use The Ideal Home Method
to Create or Renovate
Your Ideal Custom Home

By leveraging your vision 

and a smooth and stress-free 

design and construction process...


If you are an individual or couple looking to build or renovate a custom home specific to your vision and you are in the Greater Boston or Metro West area...

I want to introduce to you The Ideal Home Method.

So, you can understand the process of taking your vision of your ideal home to an actual built project, step-by-step and in a way that is cost-effective and creates long-term value.


The Ideal Home Method combines the concepts of Vision, Value and Build as a guide to building your ideal home on-budget and on-time.

Let’s begin with your vision and how to translate into your ideal home.

Let's Begin 

The Ideal Home Method

 {Your Vision} + {Value} + {Build}{Ideal Home}




How to bring your ideas together
to achieve your ideal home

    Create a tangible and workable plan from your ideas   


This where you define how you will live in and use your home.  It is the process of translating how you see your home in your mind into a tangible and workable plan.

We can break these tangibles down into three main components:

  • Space

  • Style

  • Experience


Essentially, its defining what will make your home reflect your vision. 


Space: It is the physical rooms of your dream home, a combination of clearly organized areas that work together to define how you will live in and use your home.


Style: This is what makes your home unique to you. The look and feel both inside and outside, the materials, the light, and the finishes, should all reflect your vision of your dream custom home.



1 Attract.png

Experience: This is how you want to feel in the spaces of your home. Do you want them to be light-filled and soaring or dark and cocooning? How important is integrating technology? Do you want openness throughout the house or is it more important to create some quiet spaces?


David has an eye for detail and made our addition seamless with our antique house.
He was respectful and listened to what we wanted
and put our vision into reality.


Anna Mae B. 



Your ideal home on-time
and on-budget recognizing
appreciation value

    Without sacrificing quality, budget or vision   


This is where you leverage your site and your budget to get the most investment and appreciation value from your custom home.

Where? how much? and how long? will it take to build my home...

The three components to Value are:

  • Site 

  • Budget

  • Schedule

Define an investment strategy to build your ideal home on-time and on-budget recognizing appreciation value…

Site:  This is how you strategically renovate, expand or build your ideal home to maximize the use of the property…

By optimizing the property’s potential you increase the monetary and experiential value of your custom home

2 Engage.png

Budget: How to define the investment value of my ideal home? And how can we maximize our resources to achieve our vision.

Schedule: What is the fastest and most reliable way to build your custom home without sacrificing quality, budget, or vision.


He thoughtfully took our wants and needs and translated them into a design that maximized our home's potential while adding warmth and efficiency.  


Sona S.



How to leverage your architect to design,
manage and build your custom home

     As one point of contact so you can   


This is the process where we create the design, select the building components and begin constructing your vision.

The Ideal Home Method is about creating trusted relationships and guidance with all parties needed to build your custom home.

Three components are necessary to begin:

  • Architecture

  • Construction

  • Management


Leverage vision and value to guide the building and renovation process…

Architecture: This is where your home is drawn out into various documents that bring your home to live and serve as the fundamental guide to the construction process.

Construction: This is where we partner with a building team that can best execute your home’s design and resonates with your ideals.

3 Connect .png

Management: This is the essential network of communication created between you, the architect and the building team. It assures that the decisions you make with your design team are being efficiently executed to realize your vision.   


David has a great working relationship with the talented general contractors he recommends and will oversee the project from start to finish.
He designs beautiful spaces and homes.


Adrienne and Andrew B.


      The 3 attributes of an ideal custom home      


When you start using The Ideal Home Method, you design and build a home that will reflect your vision, meet your needs and for the investment you want to make.

The results are exciting. 
You dream becomes a reality (no joke) and you will finally own the custom home you always envisioned.

Satisfaction, Comfort,  and Appreciation…


The 3 attributes to an ideal custom home, and what you will experience when using The Ideal Home Method as your guide.


This is a big project to you and materializing it in a way that you and your close ones can enjoy and love is a HUGE factor.

Recognizing the importance of appreciating over time is the icing in the cake!

4 High Value Clients.png

...When you achieve these
three attributes your dream home will experience…


[ The Ideal Home Method ]

How to materialize your dream
of owning a custom home that you love!

  This is what happens when you start using the A/E/C Method 

4 High Value Clients.png

Your Vision

For you and your close ones…


The first thing you’ll experience with
The Ideal Home Method is the satisfaction of living in the home you always envisioned.


A home you love and take pride in...

Your Future

To ensure your future...


Another thing you can experience is
quality so your investment in your home can
maintain its value throughout time.


A valuable asset that withstands time...

When This Happens…
Your Dream is Materialized
in a Home You Love!


The DSA Method materializes your vision to create your dream home step-by-step
for the right investment in your timeframe.



This method achieves the three attributes of new or renovated home you can love:


Satisfaction: You start with your Vision and how you want to experience your home or addition. This means you love the design style, and how space feels when you and your close one experience your home.

Comfort: How you feel inside and outside when you are experiencing your home. This means the materials, the layout and the use of the property is in harmony with you, your preferences and your tastes…Comfort is a lifestyle you achieve with a custom home.


Appreciation: You make decisions based on how you wish to invest in the project and what makes sense for your property, neighborhood or town. The Ideal Home Method helps you make a decision that protects the value of your home and your investment.


Simply put, these are the three attributes that will help you bring to life your dream of owning a custom home step-by-step.

These processes are what you have been struggling to put in place. 

And this is what’s going to help you build your ideal home.

Imagine, finally the dream home you’ve always wanted.






Are You Ready To Get The Vision
Out Of Your Head Onto Paper
And Materialize Your Custom Home?

There Are Three Types of HomeOwners
My Team and I Work With





Those who are planning to build a new high-end home in the Greater Boston or Metro West area.


Those who want to stay and their current home and transform it with a high-end renovation in the Greater Boston or Metro West area.


Those who are looking to expand their home with a high-end addition in the Greater Boston or Metro West area.

We’ve built a powerful step-by-step process to guide you through the phases of your materializing your ideal home.

I believe in transformation and intimacy.

This means you have the 1-1 support and guidance from me and my team to successfully bring to live your vision and build your ideal home.


We've got you covered.


So, if you want to explore
implementing The Ideal Home Method
with my and my team's help...


...then apply here for a short

15-minute phone call, just to see
if you’re a fit for our
Vision, Value, Build method.



11-2019 DES color headshot.jpg


An early interest in art, history and construction led David Sharff into the field of architecture. David launched his practice in 1995 with a focus on detail-oriented residential design and home renovation. Today his award-winning firm’s designs can be seen enhancing neighborhoods throughout New England.

This experience has given him the knowledge and expertise to help home owners to design and build their dream homes.

David works collaboratively with his clients and relies on strategies developed from years of experience in the residential design field. He has a proven track record of getting projects built. 

In 2019  David implemented The Ideal Home Method targeted at those homeowners who are ready to build or renovate their ideal home. This program creates design solutions tailored to homeowners individual needs who are already committed to investing $500k into their projects and looking to break ground within 12-18 months.

Visit David Sharff, Architect

©The Ideal Home Method™ by David Sharff 

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